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07:02 ARMA3 Community Issue Tracker Feature #71194 (New): Freelook Feature
When you are in Combat Run (Default C) and go to free look instead of turning your head with your gun shouldered, it ...


22:09 DayZ - Zombie RPG Survival Bug #49410 (New): Debug enabled non responsive temp, blood, food, water icons
When turning on Debug in Game Options, it puts up new Green Icons for Temp, Blood, Food... these new icons always sta...


00:12 DayZ - Zombie RPG Survival Feature #39915 (New): Disable Abort button in Menu when in shock
I notice with the new patch "Respawn" button is disabled unless you have a broken bone. Can you make the "Abort" but...


04:18 DayZ - Zombie RPG Survival Bug #39792: Vehicles easy to spot/find now due to "White Dot" along edge of screen
You can fix this by playing on a hardcore server =).


02:10 DayZ - Zombie RPG Survival Bug #39761 (New): Direct VON not directional(force center)
Since DayZ Beta 95389/95417 it seems Direct VON is now coming out force center(both left and right sp...


06:04 DayZ - Zombie RPG Survival Bug #38721: [ + 95310] heli crash site fire triggers ones
Fire and smoke on heli crash sites only working if you are in the briefing for the map (after you hit ok it goes to a...


18:38 DayZ - Zombie RPG Survival Bug #36931 (New): Huey Crash Site Not Burning
Huey crash sites do not show flames or smoke unless you load in the map briefing when the server is first starting th...
18:26 DayZ - Zombie RPG Survival Feature #36930 (New): Infected Tackle or make you fall when they hit you when running
The infected are trying to beat you to death in this mod, so as your running they are trying to stop you, in theory s...


10:30 DayZ - Zombie RPG Survival Bug #35672: Half-Underground Zombies
This happens when you have corrupted animation files have you tried to reinstall game and mod?


01:59 DayZ - Zombie RPG Survival Feature #35030 (New): Zombies Reacting to Sound
As of now when zombies hear you now they lock on you and run right to you. It would be cool when they hear you walki...

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