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23:25 Patrol Ops Feature #74329 (Assigned): Add Bobcat recovery vehicle back in to the game.
The problem is it is only a BLUFOR vehicle. There is no equivalent for the other two factions.
I'll add it back in i...
23:23 Patrol Ops Bug #74328 (Assigned): After initiating towing a Ghosthawk with a HMETT, releasing the vehicle ca...
23:23 Patrol Ops Bug #74327 (Assigned): Towing with HEMTT makes vehicles disappear
Appears to be a locality issue in play (not seen since A2) that has shown in the recent A3 updates.
Will need to i...
23:22 Patrol Ops Bug #74323 (Assigned): Random Patrols spawns too many units
Soft much... Jk :p
I'll add in additional ranges to cater for lower numbers during mission start-up and add server...
23:20 Patrol Ops Bug #74326 (Assigned): Ammo boxes in 'Destroy ammo caches' mission are invulnerable
They are very strong in the latest update. Can take 4-6 Satchel Charges.
Will look at tweaking the damage handler ...
23:19 Patrol Ops Bug #74325 (Assigned): Ammo boxes despawn too quickly
It is based on player proximity to the box. All players must have moved beyond the detection range (1KM) for the box ...
23:16 Patrol Ops Bug #74324 (Rejected): Loading ammo box directly on to a MH-9 causes vehicle explosion
This is an issue with BIS Engine and IgiLoad. Faults have already been logged with them.


00:19 Patrol Ops Bug #74219 (Rejected): "Support" role unable to repair


21:25 Patrol Ops Bug #74223 (Assigned): rpt error for revive
21:24 Patrol Ops Bug #74222 (Feedback): vehicles in return point
Units in the vehicle are ejected as the vehicle is removed from the game after successful completion of the mission. ...

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