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08:45 J.S.R.S. 1.5 Feature #71135: Prepare: souds for planed ACE weapons
Planed for A3 too :)


19:35 J.S.R.S. 1.5 Feature #71135 (Rejected): Prepare: souds for planed ACE weapons
PP-2000 (non/SD variatns)
SV-98 (non/SD variatns)
Mossberg 500a cruiser
ИЖ M133 shotgun
RG-6 (Sixs...


12:57 Island Panthera Task #63058: Developers place
additional small 20x20 or 30x30 flat area near main dev place :) faraway ~100m of main


19:05 Lingor Units Feature #21616: Add; Tayzoon faction
yea, Lingor native "Massai" wold be good :)!
18:49 Lingor Island Bug #39846: Building causing huge performance drop
Confirmed, bank have performance issue
18:45 Isla Balkania Task #63614 (New): Smooth terrain ;)!
18:35 Island Panthera Bug #63612 (New): Fix day/night time cycle
in June 14 2012 at 6pm night - wrong :(
Need a fix day cycle
12:39 Island Panthera Feature #63560 (New): Tourist places, Cottedge houses, and resting bases
Some funny places for tourists and rest houses in forests or hills
12:17 Island Panthera Feature #63557 (New): More tactical cover positions across towns
For better gameplay when you engaging towns
Stones, bushes, small forests, logs in forests as in Chernarusia
12:09 Island Panthera Bug #63554 (New): Terrain spawns and artifacts
80% of island have spawns on hills, unrealistic corners on bottom of hills (~90 degrees)
Need to smooth ALL :)

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