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11:59 Insurgency Bug #28384: MHQ: add deployment countdown
Cytreen, remember, please part of script for that feature ;), we dev it long time ago :)


19:23 Insurgency Bug #71590 (Assigned): Ammobox: Items stucking when box refilling
Ammobox not removing items when refilling
19:14 Insurgency Bug #71589 (Assigned): Critical perfomance impact, desync
Critical perfomance impact each 20-30minutes, each client recive ~200Kbytes during 2-3 minutes, and if client not rec...


18:30 Insurgency Feature #71575 (Assigned): Wet Gameplay
Spawn AI patrol boats, divers, mines and some caches on water
Add few BLUFOR divers
?bind to some underwater ob...
18:21 Insurgency Feature #71574 (Assigned): Armed Anti Personal Mines, Claymors, in random houses
spawn armed mines in houses, for make gameplay more dynamicly and team playble
17:59 Insurgency Feature #28628 (Resolved): Variable: Increase amount of Opfor AI vehicles
Applied in changeset commit:dac05474162e9c70cc97de000b6c345e328d940b.
17:58 Insurgency Revision dac05474: Increase amount of Opfor AI vehicles; fixes #28628
17:48 Insurgency Support #27980 (Closed): Engineer
17:46 Insurgency Feature #20070 (In progress): AI Helicopter Insertion and Extraction
12:18 Insurgency Task #16884: First Aid Module implementation
change anims, emulate LifeState

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