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09:14 Insurgency Support #17359: unable to extract Insurgency0_74.Takistan.pbo
Swedge wrote:
> Badger, use this extractor mate. It's a simple right-click job once installed.
> I installed it yes...
08:15 Insurgency Support #17359 (Rejected): unable to extract Insurgency0_74.Takistan.pbo
Using pboviewer and cpbo.exe Insurgency0_74.Takistan.pbo will not extract.
08:12 Insurgency Feature #16944: Change teleporting for OPFOR
cranky wrote:
> Hi!
> I'm a huge fan of Insurgency, especially playing OPFOR to wreak havoc on the BLUFOR units wh...
08:09 Insurgency Feature #16946: Provide NVG to certain OPFOR units
cranky wrote:
> Playing OPFOR at night can be impossible - frequently you can't even see enough to find your way out ...
08:07 Insurgency Feature #17351: Change Enable Insurgency Markers default parameter to false, or remove entirely
Swedge wrote:
> By default, the Enable Insurgency Markers parameter is set to True.
> This make gameplay fairly che...
08:06 Insurgency Bug #17354: Server can crash at mission end
Swedge wrote:
> When the mission ends (ie all caches are destroyed), a 'Superman' mode is enabled for all players wh...
08:04 Insurgency Feature #17348: Remove M252 Mortars
Swedge wrote:
> This doesn't worry me particularly but I thought I'd make a case for removing them.
> A lot of Insu...
07:50 Insurgency Feature #17349: Remove CAS (Close Air Support)
Swedge wrote:
> In my experience, it's very rarely used in Insurgency games.
> It's not immediately intuitive to us...

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