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12:29 DayZ - Zombie RPG Survival Bug #30545 (Closed): Winchester 1866 shotgun?
Hey, so im wondering about the Winchester 1866 and how come it is a shotgun in the mod.
from what ive read on it the...


22:51 CG Animations Bug #19538 (Closed): Walking with pistol and pressing V
Ok, so i didn't see any ticket or so about this, just noticed it today.
but, soldier having rifle and pistol, swit...


11:27 A.C.E. for OA Feature #11083 (Closed): Seals + Comtac?
Since some of the Seals models use Comtac headset or similar noise reduction, shouldn't they have the ability not to ...


12:01 A.C.E. for OA Feature #9945: Removable Helmet/Headwear function
While all your pointers are true, and also something i have thought of, that might be things that would make it more ...


20:01 A.C.E. for OA Feature #9945 (Rejected): Removable Helmet/Headwear function
Well i didnt find anything that adressed this.
But my thought is a Headwear system, for helmets and similar.


08:25 A.C.E. for OA Feature #7846: OH-58 Kiowa Warrior
Didnt want to start a new issue for this.
Any news on PUFUs kiowa?!?
its a heli i really am looking forward to.


19:47 A.C.E. for OA Bug #8253: Tunguska not good enough.
Hmm.. i see.. yeah.. BUT.. how does that then work with missiles that are not heatseeking..
since they are stil grey...


16:13 A.C.E. for OA Bug #8253: Tunguska not good enough.
Tested with and without the ace_c_ai_****
same result, Though, however.. the issue seems to be more in the line of...
15:14 A.C.E. for OA Bug #8253: Tunguska not good enough.
Ok.. so i ran it now, exact same mission, with latest ACE.. stil same problem.
also tried with vanilla Arma, and the...


19:30 A.C.E. for OA Bug #8254: "RAV" lifter Hud problem
Can agree.. finding the hitpoint/liftpoint without the hud is really hard, even with friends helping out.. think i s...

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