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15:02 Warfare BE Feature #43326 (New): Czech units
Please add Czech units from last DLC to CO mission.


20:12 Warfare BE Support #23814: Need a beer
Go take some Nemiroff Vodka. Beer without Vodka = lost money.))


17:22 Warfare BE Feature #23085: Respawn at medic car / medic camp should be always with default weapons
It will not work good with low delay for body cleanning.


12:12 Warfare BE Bug #22122 (Closed): UPSMON ai and taxi system works bad
Hi Benny.
I noticed that when upsmon ai is ON taxi system behaves strange:
Russians load full truck of ai's, drive ...


14:52 Warfare BE Support #18731 (Closed): Wiki update
Describe new parameters


18:05 Warfare BE Feature #18611 (Assigned): Ai teams use arty
I like to play alone against AI, and it would be great if they buy Grad or MLRS and call arty strikes.


10:19 Warfare BE Feature #18244 (New): Domination victory
Add new possible victory condition, when all towns are captured and no enemy base/hq destruction. The difference is t...


21:56 Warfare BE Bug #16151 (Rejected): Civilians parameter
Please remove one of the parameter, coz they are the same:
Towns: civilians
Gameplay: ambient civilians


14:55 Warfare BE Feature #16050 (Closed): Game style parameter
If somebody remembers there was a game style parameter in OFP CTI (MFCTI i think):
Infantry - make all heavy vehicl...
11:26 Warfare BE Bug #16044 (Closed): Ai orders bug, ai vehicle bug
I played 2.066 in SP for OPFOR this morning, AI was commander, i encountered such bugs:
1. After 30-40 minutes of th...

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