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08:50 Warfare BE Bug #21828 (Closed): Plane shooting flares automaticaly
Well,either on SU 34 or av8B,it starts shooting flares when enemy is locking it,it's annoying because it shoots every...


21:34 Warfare BE Feature #20333: Artillery computer
Benny wrote:
> 1. It's either all or nothing, there is no per unit activation.
> 2. It's already inbuilt of 069...
06:13 Warfare BE Feature #20333 (Closed): Artillery computer
I have a suggestion for this useful tool,which is really ignored:
-First suggestion:enable artillery computer on P...
06:04 Warfare BE Task #19625: Vote menu
Benny wrote:
> Improve the vote menu so that it don't reload the list everytime (use of LnB with column update & loa...


04:05 Warfare BE Feature #15918 (Closed): EASA module
It wiould be nice if the upgrade were available earlier in the game,for example after airfactory lvl2.
I looked ov...


12:09 Warfare BE Feature #15832 (Rejected): TAB targeting removal
Buildings can be locked by some vehicles from very far.
may be,you can remove the TAB targeting,and then everyone ...
11:56 Warfare BE Feature #15711: Buying infantry in depots
Well it's not always possible to take a city alone,


16:07 Warfare BE Feature #15712 (Closed): Number of respawns of ambulance
Ambulance makes basehunting really easy.
I suggest limiting the number of times you can respawn to ambulance,for e...
16:04 Warfare BE Feature #15711 (Closed): Buying infantry in depots
I suggest limiting the number of infantry that can be bought in the depot,or make production time longer,or prevent p...
16:01 Warfare BE Feature #15710 (Closed): New rules for fast travel
Fast travel has really become an exploit.
It also makes the map useless:
For example travelling in Takistan,can...

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