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09:25 ArmA 3: ALiVE Bug #74528: OPCOM debug reporting with debug off
Steps to repro:
Create an MP mission, play it on a dedicated server and observe that every players will see the repo...


19:39 A.C.E. for OA Bug #72101: Bad FlexiMenu menuDefs when it is the first in the Array Breaks Interaction in ACE Bu...
I've created a fix for my team's private addons pack.
It would be my pleasure to share it if I'm allowed to.


04:04 Invasion 1944 Bug #14738 (Closed): CTD while reloading a Rifle Grenade to the M1903A3 Springfield + M1
Whenever you have a Rifle Grenade in your gear, switch to it by pressing F and Reload it, you get a CTD.

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