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17:04 Invasion 1944 Bug #29141: Zeroing didn't work for Bazooka and RPzB 54
While I am not sure about the PzSchreck, the PzFaust and Bazooka had basic zeroing... it's similar to the M203 now, y...


03:09 Invasion 1944 Bug #29029: Sherman DD tank mis-named
Recommend we make the current "DD" class "protected" rather than "private", that way missions w/ the old classname wi...


11:34 Invasion 1944 Support #19042: Intentional to have tracers for sabot/heat ammo?
Yes, its intentional, when I found info on the shell having a tracer. Not all shells should (offhand, I don't think ...
11:32 Invasion 1944 Bug #19160: Most of the i44 bombs lack a cfgVehicle definition
So the cfgVehicles entry will allow the placed charges and mines to be recovered? That's great news... are there any...


02:58 Invasion 1944 Bug #15053: Kettenkrad
The tracks do not animate because it is coded as a truck, which can't use the tracks the way tanks can. Coding it as...
02:56 Invasion 1944 Bug #15024 (Feedback): panzer tracer colour
I looked and looked for a good source on tracer colors. Where does this information come from? If I can verify the ...


03:25 Invasion 1944 Bug #14776 (Resolved): Greyhound drivers turned out view
Turn out was supposed to be disabled (wheeled vehicles seem to not like it too well). May be fully reenabled later, ...


23:06 Invasion 1944 Bug #14801 (Resolved): Flak 38 rds / RPzb/ Panzerfaust 30
RPzB: You're correct, the model was misplaced. Fixed now.
PzF30: Zoom out... I haven't found a way to get the sig...
23:03 Invasion 1944 Bug #14795 (Feedback): Pzr 2 no orbit view
No orbit view? I have an external view that seems to work fine. You're right about the turning though... that's bee...
23:00 Invasion 1944 Bug #14789: Panzer adjustable sites to light
Which models are affected, and can you post some screenshots?

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