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18:12 ARMA2 Community Issue Tracker Bug #74473 (Resolved): weaponholder NOT disappear when empty
18:11 ARMA2 Community Issue Tracker Bug #72574 (Resolved): DeleteVehicle doesn't delete any Objects


06:38 ARMA2 Community Issue Tracker Feature #27851 (Resolved): Add userfriendly ingame AI precision setting slider in the settings GUI
Resolved in A3, patch 1.14. :-D


18:58 Insurgency Bug #28553 (Assigned): Dediserver script errors
17:32 Insurgency Support #71425 (Closed): A3 Support and AI veh spawn changes
Thanks again, PITN, and sorry again that I saw it so late. I still hope to hear from you, though!
00:24 Insurgency New release for Arma 3: 0.90
Finally we got all major bugs ironed out for A3 and I decided to release a version 0.90 for A3 Stratis without some o...
00:18 Insurgency Bug #28061 (Closed): Variable: BLUFOR Vehicle respawn parameter dont work?
00:18 Insurgency Bug #27453 (Closed): Change loadout system?!
New loadout system in place with A3.
00:18 Insurgency Bug #27713 (Rejected): Selfshooting roofguns
Engine issue.
00:17 Insurgency Bug #30745 (Closed): Lingor. The BLUFOR player several seconds swims in the hospital after the re...
Closing down as resolved.

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