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12:50 Warfare BE Bug #31288: Resistance Troops (Takistani locals) were not really shooting me (US)
It is the core stuff. But that is where toys are storred for your mission.
Common\Config\Core - yours


23:39 Warfare BE Bug #31288 (New): Resistance Troops (Takistani locals) were not really shooting me (US)
Not really sure how to start this.
Running into a town on mainroad has been really problematic a few versions ago.


19:05 Warfare BE Feature #27977: ACE Core files
Hey Benny!
Thanks for going in this direction man. I was waiting so long for a ace warfare from you.
The next step...


22:46 Warfare BE Support #25318: ACE Weapons/Magazines etc.
Hey wingthor
you are right in your first post. This mission with ACE gear and units is wanted by many.
I decided ...


12:18 Warfare BE Bug #16108: Arty bug
I try GRAD artillery in every new version of WARFARE BE. [I love the vehicle in RL]
GRAD almost works! The artillery...


15:39 Warfare BE Bug #15451 (Closed): KI - Commander and his factories
In Takistan KI Commander always builds hard uphill instead of placing his stuff in the valley.
Catastrophy will happ...


12:33 Warfare BE Bug #14845: Assault Teams FSM error
Benny wrote:
> fixed the missing ;
Hey Benny!
Where is it supposed to go? People can fix it by themselves. They ...


12:11 Warfare BE Bug #14127: Russian/Taki Arty
I send firemission on my self yesterday to make sure!
Seriously! Only small smoke puffs, with me running around in t...
11:14 Warfare BE Bug #14128 (Closed): KI Team - Fixed Wing Aircraft
They spawn flying backwards, then fall from the sky like bricks.
Sometimes KI manages to turn the plane in the right...
10:51 Warfare BE Bug #14127 (Rejected): Russian/Taki Arty
Grad is not doing any damage

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