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18:51 Warfare BE Feature #32556: insurgency and ieds
goldblaze wrote:
> Hey, I was wondering if it might be a good idea to occasionally have resistance patrols spawn fro...
18:47 Warfare BE Feature #32580 (New): Dingor
Is it Possible to add support for Island "Dingor"?
Should not be that hard because Lingor is already there.


12:39 Warfare BE Feature #27460 (New): Helicopter Control
Would it be possible to add something like this into the mission?
AI Heli Control version 1.0


17:56 Warfare BE Feature #27443 (Closed): Buy Items into Backpack
Right now no one realy uses Backpacks because its to complicated to load them with stuff.
They are good in the stand...


11:31 ARMA2 Community Issue Tracker Feature #16370: Engineer is not "Ingenieur" in German
Fireball wrote:
> The "Engineer" in OA also fixes vehicles though, next to planting mines...
Yes thats true but t...


17:35 ARMA2 Community Issue Tracker Feature #16370 (Assigned): Engineer is not "Ingenieur" in German
The German Translation for Engineer is wrong.
Could you Rename The Class "Ingenieur" to "Pionier" in the next Patc...


16:58 Warfare BE Feature #16355 (Closed): Unit Names
ATM there are 5 different Rifleman in the Buy Menu for an US Player in CO.
Would be nice to Rename them to for examp...


18:03 Warfare BE Feature #12102: Civilians
R59Andrey wrote:
> A killed Civi would cost you 2500$ or more.
But only for US Troops :-)
That way US troops n...


08:06 Warfare BE Bug #13632 (Closed): Sarahni map 064
The Sarahni Map wont initialize properly, suthern sarahni works flawless.
When loaded, you start north of VALLEJO bu...


10:06 Warfare BE Feature #12102 (Closed): Civilians
How about a Parameter that lets you activate Civilians in Towns.
A killed Civi would cost you 250$ or more.
that wh...

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