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09:02 CWR² Community Bugtracker Feature #76298 (New): Thermal imaging for M1A1 series
Despite the overall realistic feeling of CWR the lack of thermal imaging capabilities for M1A1 series is quite distur...


13:06 A.C.E. for OA Feature #23071: Speed of Tanks
And why? Any reliable source for this change? 5 kph more or less doesn't change much. Furthermore different sources s...


16:24 A.C.E. for OA Feature #73047: 30x113 round (AH64D) shouldn't have tracers.
Yeah it probably shouldn't have tracer. I can't find any proper info on the HEDP rounds used. You got any source defi...


10:25 A.C.E. for OA Bug #73229: A.C.E. armor system
Sorry for the late reply but you're a bit too late I guess. You'd better look up the old tickets regarding the "armor...


12:44 CWR² Community Bugtracker Bug #73070 (Closed): AI team members missing in Resistance campaign briefings
I recently started playing the CWR² Resistance campaign, after I successfully finished CWC.
Beginning from the seco...


12:01 A.C.E. for OA Bug #54346: 9M113M Konkurs and 9M117M1 Arkan missiles doesn't do enough damage to MBT.

It's very unlikely a missile hits the same spot over and over again, especially when the tank is on the move and al...


10:42 A.C.E. for OA Feature #26167: 120mm manual reload from loader seat in Abrams tank.
cyrilator wrote:
> I just rechecked the M1 Abrams available in ACE (M1A1 CSAMM included), they all have a Loader sea...


16:53 A.C.E. for OA Bug #28027: M1A1 TUSK varients are too slow
This is a model related issue since all M1 variants inherit the speed from basic M1A1 model.


10:20 A.C.E. for OA Feature #26755: T-72s should enage choppers with main gun
That's because the FCS is not made for engaging choppers, furthermore the turret turning speed doesn't allow to engag...


22:42 A.C.E. for OA Feature #26167: 120mm manual reload from loader seat in Abrams tank.
Reloading the main gun without a loader would be the commanders job. He can reach the ammo compartment from his seat ...

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