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07:09 DayZ - Zombie RPG Survival Feature #32409 (New): Create an AI actor when a player disconnects
I propose that when a player disconnects, the server creates an AI actor in that players place so that players can no...
06:57 DayZ - Zombie RPG Survival Bug #32408 (New): Changing cloths Fixes broken legs
If a player has broken legs and changes the cloths he is wearing he will have fixed his legs. The icon representing b...


04:16 A.C.E. for OA Bug #31287: Knock down feature
so that was a yes or no to make the module enable it.


22:53 A.C.E. for OA Bug #31287 (Closed): Knock down feature
Is it possible for this feature to be implemented as a module?
Failing that, Could you provide the code to disable...


09:47 A.C.E. for OA Bug #29754 (Closed): Stamina System bugs
Best description would be utterly fucked.
Weight does not effect stamina in any way. You can carry 585kg or 11kg a...


06:54 A.C.E. for OA Feature #27546 (Duplicate): Marines and Configs
Is it possible to get a config that will enable the use of the old USMC units for people who want to have a choice be...
06:46 A.C.E. for OA Bug #27545 (Rejected): Cat Eyes and Darkness
The Cat eyes on the new USMC units do not work. At all. It would be nice for it to be fixed so I can see the man in f...


23:56 A.C.E. for OA Feature #26251: SAFE mode for all other guns controlled by player (vehicle systems, static, launc...
I would like to see every weapon system in the game start on a safe mode. To prevent unwanted weapon discharges.


21:07 A.C.E. for OA Bug #24499 (Closed): MH6 Kerble Space Program
When attaching a rope box to an MH6 via the sling rope, the following results will happen.


21:57 A.C.E. for OA Bug #23666: Script Error from POMZ
player placed. Also the building they were placed in was a building placed by a script(the villa). Pomz were placed a...

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