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22:00 Warfare BE Bug #12202: Towns markers
Sometimes when we choose mission in the mission menu, the marker who allows to move without looking at the map doesn'...
17:22 Warfare BE Bug #12202 (Closed): Towns markers
Sometimes, by game, the yellow marker of town mission you choice don't appears. It's the marker you see in game (with...
13:14 Warfare BE Bug #12197 (Closed): Space bare
When the space bare is actived, sometimes we see the name of players when we point a player but sometimes this foncti...


21:37 Warfare BE Bug #11998 (Closed): AI Comander Contruction
When we choose 1 area and 1 building in the parametters and the human commander build a base, the AI commander can fo...


20:04 Warfare BE Feature #8907: Upgrade for Defencestuctures
I think it's a good thing. :)


16:16 Warfare BE Feature #10751: Parameter for MHQ deploy/mobilize costs
Yes, I'll post for that tomorrow, you are faster that me. ^^


21:58 Warfare BE Feature #10608 (Closed): ACE2 on Sahrani
Hi, is it possible to make a Warfare ACE Sahrani? It's a pity we can't play with ACE2 on Sahrani.
21:51 Warfare BE Feature #10566: Tax Parameter
Hi, I think it's a very good thing. In match 16 vs 16, only a few peoples give money to comander. It allows don't ann...

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