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21:27 A.C.E. for OA Bug #19783: RPG gunners are hitting targets over a kilometer away
Not to labour the point, but this has been mentioned several times before Bug #17423 and Bug #16850. Attached to Issu...


14:57 A.C.E. for OA Feature #16563: Remove the auto 1 to 2 second fire of the A10's Gua-8
So just out of interest, you can have variable fire modes for rifles and machineguns, but not the A10?


14:23 A.C.E. for OA Bug #17423: RPG7 Accuracy
@Trips - The document mentioned above (and I've attached it here too) gives a fairly comprehensive account of how acc...


19:02 A.C.E. for OA Bug #17423: RPG7 Accuracy
Sorry it took so long, been a bit busy.
Heres a little test mission:
1. Set the sight to 600m
2. load the...


16:15 A.C.E. for OA Bug #16850: Hit probability for AI using non guided ATs is too high.
Sickboy wrote:
> Lastly, there's AI Precision and AI Skill settings in the username.arma2profile
> In MP, the serve...


22:56 A.C.E. for OA Bug #17423: RPG7 Accuracy
Zach wrote:
> Is that with or with out the sight? What round is that accuracy taken from? A RU gunner with a sight us...
22:21 A.C.E. for OA Bug #17423 (Duplicate): RPG7 Accuracy
According to Wikipedia (who have it from other sources) the RPG is a lot less accurate than Arma portrays. Perhaps yo...

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