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12:06 Warfare BE Feature #25787: Purchase full units
That is what the squad template is for, create your own mix of troops and save the template so that you can but exact...
12:05 Warfare BE Feature #26163: Add to tank equipment AA launcher
-1 to that idea
12:03 Warfare BE Feature #27460: Helicopter Control
I tried this, does not work well. Apparently there is a version 1.2 but no download available.


16:28 DayZ - Zombie RPG Survival Feature #33232: Propper Version Numbers in the server browser.
Arma has no way of discovering the version number of a mission and displaying it in the browser.
It is down to ind...
16:19 DayZ - Zombie RPG Survival Bug #32118: Bad loot positions
This is odd because every boathouse i have found spawns loot underwater.
16:13 DayZ - Zombie RPG Survival Bug #33675: [1.7.1.x] Debug Monitor Overlaps Auditory Indicator
You can change the size of the hud in video options, I play at 1680x1050, no problems.


17:29 DayZ - Zombie RPG Survival Bug #31870: Dead body state
Happens in other Arma2 missions also, it's not only a Dayz problem. I haven't seen it yet on the servers I use.
17:27 DayZ - Zombie RPG Survival Feature #30650: Booby traps for tents
True, there are no safe spots so long as the flat/object code is so strict. I would like to see tents in forests and ...
17:10 DayZ - Zombie RPG Survival Bug #30998: 3rd person mode negates shaking
Forcing 1st person view is possible with a script, so it is possible to keep somebody in 1st until they take the pain...
17:09 DayZ - Zombie RPG Survival Bug #31330: Things should not fall out when you're in the water
Correct, it's not a bug, issue should be deleted ?

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