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00:34 ARMA2 Community Issue Tracker Feature #16497 (Duplicate): USMC OA Support
Have the USMC models MLODs adjusted so that they may use OA backpacks.


14:16 MSO Enemy Generation Feature #15421: Booby Traps
You want to keep it to a base level so that the mission maker can decide how it is handled rather than giving him one...


05:44 MSO Enemy Generation Feature #15421 (Duplicate): Booby Traps
Enemies that plant small and large ieds on tracks.
Enemy randomly spawn in an area, find a road or track and place...


00:17 Multi-Session Operations Bug #15254: Change Load-in method
This is an R3F logistical feature request then, I think it works just fine for now, and unless it is breaking the gam...
00:11 Multi-Session Operations Feature #15236: Add Notes and in-game FAQ
Use swordy's texture overlay for boards at base to include detail on them


04:14 Multi-Session Operations Feature #15223: Return back to Insurgent focus
I do not wish to sound a pain or be rude, but looking through the dev ticket requests, there is more desire leaning t...
03:43 Multi-Session Operations Bug #15105: Cannot put CSW's on objects like building roofs, patios etc
Use the ace drag function as it is an ace feature, R3F will not auto position it
03:42 Multi-Session Operations Bug #15110: CSW don't work for JIP
This also requires a CBA hotfix to get it working, were doing it fine the other day.
03:42 Multi-Session Operations Bug #15122: JIP cannot pick-up jerrycans
You need to update your CBA.
03:37 MSO Enemy Generation Feature #15201: Enemy HQ
This can link into Floydii's terrorist cell idea

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