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02:51 ARMA2 Community Issue Tracker Feature #70439: Hellfire's react more realitically
Could the developers port the Javelin missile code over to the Hellfire then exaggerate it? I do not know if that is ...


09:22 A.C.E. for OA Bug #70353: Rangefinders make AI extremely slow
This is not at all an ACE problem. The same thing happens in vanilla OA. This can be avoided by using ASR AI mod, tho...


15:34 Hohei Evolution 2 Bug #30155: Revive Only Works With Medics
Maybe it would be a good idea to have three options for the revive parameter. Disabled | Enabled Only For Medics | En...


14:36 Hohei Evolution 2 Bug #30155 (Closed): Revive Only Works With Medics
Currently the revive system only works when a medic attempts to heal a downed teammate. The other players should be a...


20:06 Hohei Evolution 2 Bug #30123 (Closed): Russian Engineer HALO
The Russian engineer on Chernarus cannot build a FARP, only HALO jump.


14:58 Hohei Evolution 2 Feature #30101 (Rejected): AC-130 Script Support
It would be great to see an AC-130 script added in. The newer version of the script is completely MP compatible. Here...
14:48 Hohei Evolution 2 Bug #27226: Lift and Transport Choppers sometime did not respawn
I can test it out on my private server.


02:55 Dynamic Zombie Sandbox Bug #27670 (Closed): Zombies Spawn in Towns = No Zombies
No matter the zombie density when set to spawn zombies only in towns there are *very* few zombies spawned. Even in la...


20:56 Hohei Evolution 2 Bug #27548: Mi-8 Respawn Still Broken
This is in the 2.06 Beta.
20:06 Hohei Evolution 2 Bug #27633 (Closed): Role Related Skills Missing
In 2.06 Beta all role related skills are missing. For example engineers cannot build FARPs, Spec Ops cannot HALO, and...

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