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22:47 battleWarden:RCon Bug #25638: Unable to get a player list
please use Bercon from Battleye and try it there and type in there the command Players maybe something is firewalled.
22:45 battleWarden:RCon Bug #35567: [1.8.4] Loses connection often and crashes on reconnect
i have no refresh running (press refresh if there is a need) runs crashfree so far (Server reboot every 4 hrs)


23:28 battleWarden:RCon Feature #35504 (Closed): add Command loadscripts
new command for scripts avaible.
just add command *loadScripts*
23:26 battleWarden:RCon Feature #29781 (Closed): Add status bar showing server info
23:26 battleWarden:RCon Bug #30576 (Closed): CPU Usage
23:26 battleWarden:RCon Bug #31331 (Closed): Right click kick/ban crash
23:25 battleWarden:RCon Feature #33805 (Closed): Add server name , IP:port into windows title name
23:25 battleWarden:RCon Bug #32229 (Closed): Rcon crashes with error after some time monitoring.
23:24 battleWarden:RCon Feature #34545 (Closed): Replace or remove the repeating "Received player list."


20:27 battleWarden:RCon Feature #33583: Support for channel chat monitoring
i wanna suggest to use a new site called chat which does use the colorĀ“s from ingame.

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