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23:59 ARMA2 Community Issue Tracker Feature #11719 (Duplicate): New commands for cargo/backpack contents
As far as I can tell there is no way to identify the contents of a back pack using scripting commands.
This make...


23:31 A.C.E. for OA Task #6685 (Rejected): Gaps between the necks of ACE2 units and their uniforms
Not sure whether this is true for all units but I have noticed that for some units there are gaps (ie. empty spaces) ...
23:13 A.C.E. for OA Bug #6659: Dragging/Carrying problems
For the drag problem ie. being able to drag while prone etc maybe add something like this to while {GVAR(drag)} do lo...


02:12 A.C.E. for OA Feature #4857: Fast Roping
You have my permission to use my MP compatible fast rope system if you want it:


02:39 Norrin's Projects revive_readMe.pdf
02:32 Norrin's Projects Revision e32cea46: ~ FIXED: Multiple fixes and new features, including spec cam and improved JIP ...


13:32 Norrin's Projects Revision 37774a0c: ~Fixed: Multiple fixes to dialogs, NORRN variables for unconscious unit, dupli...


10:25 Norrin's Projects Feature #1725 (Closed): cap fast-roping height
10:13 Norrin's Projects Revision a36efce8: Initial commit of AI_enabled revive for ArmA2


01:37 Norrin's Projects Feature #1725: cap fast-roping height
norrin wrote:
> Just checked the code and the max height for deploying ropes is already set at 40 metres, min 10 met...

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