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22:11 Warfare BE Bug #9711 (Closed): Paratrooper
Hey , ive played today a long game with unit limit 12.
After a while me and Blitzer tried paratroopers. So there was...


16:35 Warfare BE Bug #9477: repair\heal problem
Well ur overall right - just one point is wrong.
If wound system is on, medics CAN heal theirself. But with the ne...


13:27 Warfare BE Feature #7811: Adjusting prices + adjusting player income ticks.
Its realy a very good idea. And i would also like to have a higher income then. This would you let to be able to get ...
03:52 Warfare BE Bug #9373: engineer-person
Its not done. Well i were able to rep my tank , with and without engi. (at depot or with truck)
But all the time, i ...


21:39 Warfare BE Feature #9303 (Closed): Parameter : Disable Player-Names / friendly Units on map
Everything to read here :)


15:09 Warfare BE Feature #9103: Custom slot squad for AI
Ah well.
I missunderstood you ,sry.
Thought you wanted to have on every "Squad Member" , you own urself another squa...


21:57 Warfare BE Feature #9103: Custom slot squad for AI
Would crash the server damn often.
Benny already made a Parameter, which configurates the number of AI´´s which can ...


04:44 Warfare BE Bug #9057: Remote buy vehicle.
How about this :
You cant buy vecs. manned by soldiers.
So next to every fac needs to be a barrack. Sure you can ...


13:20 Warfare BE Feature #8907: Upgrade for Defencestuctures
Yey i also missed the option to upgrade those bunkers ! Otherwise it feels for me like they are useless :(


15:29 Warfare BE Feature #8104: Parameter: Precaptured town.
??preassigned towns (50/50).??
Does it mean 50/50 up from start, or when a site captured the town ?

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