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16:41 Invasion 1944 Support #71174 (New): interesting tool for 2.7
i think this tool could be of interest for you
second thing may...


13:44 Invasion 1944 Feature #70700 (Closed): to low magnification of tank optics
the M1a1 can choose between 3x and 10x magnification
in arma is the magnification from the m1a1 optic apparently imp...


23:45 Invasion 1944 Bug #70683 (New): to big tank compass
i set very low interface size in the graphic options
the compass is still too large i can't read the speeddisplay
22:29 Invasion 1944 Bug #70678 (Closed): some tanks have incorrect maxspeeds
I44_Tank_G_PzKpfwII_F maxSpeed = 30; correct speed 40
I44_Tank_G_PzKpfwIV_G maxSpeed = 28; correct speed 40


23:46 Warfare BE Feature #70352: APC/Tanks : Improved armor & Reactive armor
is it possible to make the main rotor from helicopters more durable with this great module
because you need a intac...
21:23 Invasion 1944 Feature #29512: turret rotation speed
some months ago I sent macolik some stuff about turret rotation speed
17:59 Invasion 1944 Bug #70614: Cannot load sound
i shot with the kintiger on a M5A1 Stuart
17:29 Invasion 1944 Feature #29869: warfare trucks (salvage and supply trucks)
thanks a lot ;)
15:40 Invasion 1944 Bug #70587: beta patch trouble 1.62.101334
PacUK wrote:
> Are you by any chance using an Nvidia card? Could be gfx related issue as ATI seems fine on this.
15:21 Invasion 1944 Bug #70571: fnc_tankDamage.sqf
after i shoot several times with my KwK L43 L71 (Pzgr.49/43) on a cromwell
appeared the following error
tested witho...

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