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15:17 Community Base Addons Feature #2993: Variables set on objects with setVariable, remain after respawn
I think that a general (and global) onRespawn event is still needed. Whether it is part of XEH or just a CBA custom e...


19:02 Community Base Addons Bug #2935 (Closed): XEH disables pop-up targets
Noameles @ "BIF":http://forums.bistudio.com/showpost.php?p=1372342&postcount=69
> found a small bug with the exten...


16:54 Community Base Addons Feature #2874 (Closed): Deliver CBA as a ZIP archive aswell.
16:52 Community Base Addons Feature #2916 (Closed): getInMan and getOutMan events
"getInMan":http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/VBS2:_Event_Handlers#GetInMan and "getOutMan":http://community.bistudio...
16:48 Community Base Addons Feature #2915 (Closed): Init events available in missions
Although XEH allows config-based init events for other addons, mission-makers and mission-scripters do not have acces...
16:38 Community Base Addons Task #2866: Decide on XEH init script tags (the xeh scripts inside various components)
I'm happy with that.
16:36 Community Base Addons Task #2914: Evaluate global hit and killed eh's
I think killed and respawned events could be generated quite easily for players, and, if possible, for all playable u...


16:00 Community Base Addons Bug #2881 (New): YAML parser always assumes strings
YAML parser always parses values as strings, but should automatically parse data types. This requires creation of a s...
13:22 Community Base Addons Feature #2874 (Resolved): Deliver CBA as a ZIP archive aswell.
Applied in changeset commit:"99928d090dbb3f00569ff7594a6c5fcc2176c6c8".
13:20 CBA_A3 Revision 99928d09: ADDED: generate zip file when making release. Resolves #2874

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