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00:52 Warface (formerly WACO) Bug #821: Can't build at camps
UPDATE: I can build at camps, but only when AI seems to capture them. Maybe I'm misunderstanding the rules of your ve...
00:45 Warface (formerly WACO) Bug #821 (Closed): Can't build at camps
Another issues, can't build at camps when we do take them over. They have american flags but no option to build a bas...
00:44 Warface (formerly WACO) Bug #820: Capturing Status Bar
I'm sorry to mention, I'm using the latest version of your map on my server. please let me know what you need from me...
00:43 Warface (formerly WACO) Bug #820 (Closed): Capturing Status Bar
Whenever I'm in a camp or taking a control point, the status bar does not stay up, it just flashes here and there.
00:01 Warface (formerly WACO) Bug #819 (Closed): No scopes on HK weapons
Maybe it's me, but I noticed when I purchase the HK417C with the ACOG scope, the scope doesn't work. The same for the...


23:42 Warface (formerly WACO) Discussion: RE: First post!
Awesome Doom. I'm new here, just wanted to say hi and thank you. I will upload the new content to our public server a...

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