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16:51 ARMA3 Community Issue Tracker Bug #71235 (New): getDir on invisble Helipad returns wrong value
Place an invisble helipad on map set direction to 0.1 degrees and use getDir command to show the actual direction of ...


20:08 J.S.R.S. 1.5 Feature #70194: Add V2 signatures
Hey! These files seem to work fine! I tested them just a minute ago and and wasn`t kicked by server... =)


19:39 DayZ - Zombie RPG Survival Bug #53795 (New): Error in file "dayz_code\compile\zombie_generate.sqf"
In line number 12 is written: _if (!isNoone) exitWith {};_
But in my opinion it should be: _if (!_isNoone) exitWit...


20:36 ARMA2 Community Issue Tracker Bug #33802 (Assigned): Taking weapon from dead AI machinegunners causing uncontrolled fire
- Start attached example mission in editor
- AI machinegunners opens fire on target and will die in a few seconds


15:40 ARMA2 Community Issue Tracker Bug #16421: Changing gear in briefing screen is not working reliable in MP
That`s AWESOME! Thank you!


17:39 ARMA2 Community Issue Tracker Bug #27431 (Assigned): Vehicles setted out of ammo in editor doesn`t rearm at ammo supply truck
In the attached repro mission you see the ammo slider of the M1A1 is set to 0.
- Drive to the ammunition...


22:10 J.S.R.S. 1.5 Bug #27340 (Closed): Error message in RPT file
Played with J.S.R.S v1.4
Addon jsrs_m134 (entry M134_2) not found in the list of active addons.


19:35 ARMA2 Community Issue Tracker Bug #18754: Missing reloading sound while reloading animation from another player in Multiplayer
Strange thing here is that if a player has a sound mod which ohter players don`t have, the RPT file is full of error ...


18:56 Sound Of Anders Bug #27128 (New): Error messages in RPT files of players who not have the SOA Mod and on dedicate...
Some examples...
21:00:19 Cannot load sound 'anders_s_guns\ak_dry.wss'
20:27:13 Cannot load sound 'anders_s_guns\m1...


15:33 ARMA2 Community Issue Tracker Bug #2200: Cannot use hand grenades without a rifle/pistol
Sorry tested with running sddons and found out the problem was this: http://forums.bistudio.com/showpost.php?p=160929...

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