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07:50 Wasteland Survival Sandbox Feature #30614 (New): Friendly Fire reset and active rogue roster
I think it would be great if you could add a button to the player menu that would reset their friendly fire incidents...


07:40 Wasteland Survival Sandbox Feature #30262 (New): natural disasters
no idea how possible this is, but it would be awesome to have earthquakes, lightning storms, forest fires, tornadoes,...
07:28 Wasteland Survival Sandbox Feature #30261 (New): faction reputation
This is for down the road, but like whiskey, i am recording ideas. This has to do with the possibility of having fac...
07:17 Wasteland Survival Sandbox Feature #30260 (New): light air transport option
I think the map would benefit from having a few light helicopters such as a transportation little bird spawn at the a...
07:12 Wasteland Survival Sandbox Bug #30259 (New): Med Kits
The medkits refuse to work for me unless i have taken a certain amount of damage. I think they should work no matter...
07:09 Wasteland Survival Sandbox Feature #30258 (New): give leadup notification for side missions
i think it would make for a more interesting and intense experience if you gave the players a warning that something ...
07:03 Wasteland Survival Sandbox Bug #30257 (New): Map rules, notes, faq not showing up for some people
I have come across this more than once, and it seems more prominent when i join a game that is already going, but the...

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