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22:27 Warfare BE Feature #9150: Vehicle rangefinders
This is in all likelyhood something the ACE team needs to do, but maybe we can put some pressure on them to add it so...


15:04 Warfare BE Feature #9150 (Rejected): Vehicle rangefinders
Activate rangefinders on vehicles that should have them. IE tanks ICV and Helos.


17:34 Warfare BE Feature #8335 (Closed): towtruck
Either make the aircraft able to taxi themselves (add reverse ability when on ground) or add a towtruck that can tow ...


17:54 Warfare BE Wiki edit: Warfare_-_Benny_Edition (#1)


20:39 A.C.E. for OA Feature #7413: Range finder for tanks
Add sightadjustment to that and I'll be quite happy indeed. Though not only for tanks.
14:25 Warfare BE Bug #7826 (Closed): Buying ammo/gear straight into vehicles.
An interface for purchasing gear & ammo directly into a vehicles cargo hold would be nice.
14:22 Warfare BE Feature #7781: The need for support.
Adjusting the time needed for support actions is a sound idea. Here's a suggestion on taking a bit further:
14:12 Warfare BE Feature #7825 (Rejected): Balancing act
A modest proposal.
BLUFOR != US Marines
OPFOR != Russians/PLA
There is no "storyline" or specific setting in eac...
13:50 Warfare BE Feature #6927: Forest clearing
I think it's a great idea. It is possible to crash into the trees with a truck, but the truck and driver gets damaged...


19:51 ARMA2 Community Issue Tracker Bug #4812 (Assigned): Missiles don't lead moving optical/laser targets
SACLOS and laser guided missiles presume that their optical/laser targets are static. This leads to lack of ability t...

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