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17:27 Infantry weapons Revision ca1fc5cb: Fixed: vz58 model.cfg issue
17:27 Infantry weapons Revision bdb908f1: Changed: SMAW now does NOT have Spotting rifle working
17:01 Infantry weapons Revision 965d9777: Merge branch 'master' of https://git.withsix.com/cup-infantryweapons
17:01 Infantry weapons Revision 913904f2: Changed: Scope=1 for new vz58 model


23:15 Community Upgrade Project Feature #73796 (Resolved): Dingo 2A2
Done, by me and Evro.
23:13 Infantry weapons Revision a8b08a4d: Fixed: Reload anims are all A3 now + new testing sa58 model + modified MK4NO1 ...
21:21 Community Upgrade Project Bug #75862 (Resolved): G36K draws holosight dot even when out of scope
21:11 Community Upgrade Project Bug #75932 (Feedback): RPG-7 OG-7V Explosion Radius
I watched your video, I have much smaller blast radius. Make sure that some mods aren't conflicting or changing out v...
21:05 Community Upgrade Project Bug #75838 (Resolved): mk48 lmg's are having weird recoil
21:01 Community Upgrade Project Bug #75769: Possible clash of model.cfg names between CUP and Arma 3
I think we already changed most of stuff to it has CUP_ prefix now. Closing?

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