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18:59 All in Arma Bug #75923 (Resolved): Freeze on Chernarus
A3 will freeze when certain buildings are in eyesight. I'm not sure what specific building it is, but I can reliably ...


22:37 Community Upgrade Project Bug #75915 (In progress): Launchers have odd/no ballistics
Recoilless/unguided rifles (like the RPG18, M3, and AT4) have odd ballistics. Everything appears fine on guided missi...


15:33 Community Upgrade Project Bug #75901 (In progress): Majority of weapons are too loud
A bunch of the weapons (L85, CZ805, AKs) are not equalized with the vanilla A3 weapons. They are extremely loud in co...
15:24 Community Upgrade Project Bug #75900 (Closed): M107 has 40 round mag
The only magazine that the M107 is compatable with is labeled a 10 round .50cal box mag.
However, when equiped, it...
15:19 Community Upgrade Project Bug #75899 (Closed): Instant reload when firing from vehicles
On a majority of weapons, reloading when sitting in a vehicle's seat will instant reload. I'm assuming this has somet...
15:18 Community Upgrade Project Bug #75898 (Closed): M1014 Does not have buckshot ammo
The M1014 does not have any buckshot ammo, when it should. It only has slug ammo. It's a shotgun.
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15:17 Community Upgrade Project Bug #75897 (New): Launchers don't have adjustable sights
A majority of the launchers don't have adjustable sights. They should have adjustable sights, just like their real li...


13:30 All in Arma Bug #75046 (Assigned): No footstep sounds on some places in Chernarus
There are some locations on Chernarus that don't have any footstep sounds. When you walk on them, all you hear is the...


02:52 ARMA2 Community Issue Tracker Bug #52282 (Duplicate): Undesired turn in/out behavior in multiplayer
The "Turn in/out" functionality has undesired behavior in a multiplayer environment. When the vehicle commander is tu...


00:57 ARMA2 Community Issue Tracker Bug #28738 (Assigned): Some player actions don't work when attached to an object.
When you are attached to an object, you lose the ability to do some basic functions, but not others.

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