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Bug #27192 (Expired): Problem with addScore ?
I'm not sure if it's related to addScore or to the mission itself. While playing W ... right before the bullets hits him,you get a negative score. *Repro* -Create a DS with WFBE 2.070 on it or any other mission with score points. -Get preferably "Metis" ... flying. -Press i and take a look to your score, then you'll notice that it decreased. 12/19/2011 11:33
Feature #26242 (Assigned): Killing enemies by running them over to be counted as a kill
Killing enemies by running them over isn't co ... counted in the same manner as a regular kill. 11/07/2011 20:06
Bug #24016 (Assigned): Destroying and killing enemy inside formerly friendly vehicle gives negative score penalty
Players destroying enemies in friendly vehicles are fined score points. Can be reproduced by one man. *I ... in front of you using SABOT rounds. # Check score. # Kill enemy if he got out of the vehicle. # Check score *Observed* Player is fined -4 points for ... ith human enemy, haven't tested it with bots. 09/01/2011 07:09
Bug #23402 (Feedback): JIP Player Fails to Sync Publicly Broadcasted (Gamelogic) setVariable Data
*Problem:* If a client JIPs into a server ... will not be able to see other clients on the scoreboard ("i" by default). * Clients ... ion will be able to see other clients on the scoreboard ("i" by default). *Other i ... SPY\SPY_bStats\init\SPY_initPlayer.sqf") 08/12/2011 23:35
Bug #16810 (Rejected): Analog Throttle is not playable+
This feature was added but not implemented. ... l power some times, the result being alot of negative online score, the difference between 90% and full throttl ... er 80%(it seems, these are rough estimates). 01/19/2011 04:09
Bug #5853 (Closed): Resistance killing west units get negative score in MP.
In my mission, I've set Independents are frie ... each kill. Affected up to 60141 at least. 11/15/2009 15:36
Bug #5004 (Assigned): MP scoring starts randomly some time after the first couple of kills
#3505 described an issue where players could ... red at all although later on in the game the scoreboard did start working correctly. 10/04/2009 16:21
Bug #4299 (Closed): Negative score counted in various situations
-When in a M1A1 and you shoot a chopper out of the sky with a sabot gives a negative score. -Also happens in many vehicles that swappi ... r and then killing any type of enemy gives a negative score. -Shooting a Mi(any version) out of the sky with a SMAW gives a negative score. 09/06/2009 05:06
Feature #3561 (Assigned): Provide addKill/getKills commands
Related to ... be able to control the 'kills' aspect of the score. A common complaint of mission designers is ... ctive. An addkill command (which could take negative arguments) would allow kill scoring to be mo ... fect although with a bit less flexibility. 08/11/2009 07:04
Bug #2673 (Assigned): Vehicle is locked for all other players when a player with negative rating (from teamkilling for example) is onboard
Interesting issue that needs to be resolved f ... swapping', this is annoying and frustrating. 07/08/2009 03:50

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