PlannedAssault is a mission builder for the 'Armed Assault' game.
Based on a your inputs, PlannedAssault plans a large scale combined arms battle and converts this into a mission you can download and play.
Fight your own battle as tank commander, gunship pilot or in any other role you fancy.

PlannedAssault lets you:
  • pick pre-configured squads and platoons from ArmA and selected mods
  • place platoons and objectives on the map
  • define the situation and story
  • wait a bit for the mission to be generated...
  • download your mission, and finally
  • experience large scale combined arms maneuvers from both friendly and hostile troops

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Manager: _William, kju

Latest news

Arma II artillery supported.
Added by _William over 7 years ago

Arma II support (incl tasks)
PlannedAssault has been updated to generate missions for vanilla Arma II Utes and Chernarus. Detailed tasks (and progress updates) are generated for each of the groups.
Added by _William over 7 years ago

Multi-pronged and Flanking Attacks
Added by _William over 7 years ago

PlannedAssault's unit database
PlannedAssault has just been updated to support several UK Armed Forces mods. To have PlannedAssault plan missions for units in a specific mod, the units and sections/squads/platoons have to defined in two .yml files (examples added).
Added by _William almost 8 years ago

Planned Assault progress report
Added by kju almost 8 years ago

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