TAW_Tonic's Wasteland Project

An attempt at a Dynamic Playground in a post-apocolyptic environment.

Dynamic, in that the final version should be able to migrate to any map simply by changing the map ending (wasteland.chernarus, wasteland.takistan, etc). * As of 3 April 2012, it is being playtested on Chernarus.*

Key elements of the development include concept

  • Tonic versions of innovations such as Gunshop, repair and refuel items, and food/water system, and,
  • An extended scavenge system based on perceived needs of survivors that may occur after a world-wide catasrophe.

While a work in progress (and testing many options) future versions will continue to be refined to capture the environment and feeling of a collapsing society immediately after a nuclear/chemical/biological exchange with the stock elements that MAY include

  • Aggressive Protagonist Raiders, Warlords, and Deserters
  • A simple but challenging revive/healing system
  • A trader/trading system between AI and between players
  • A simple economics system where key locations may produce trade items
  • AI Civilians that may be protected, attacked, or enslaved
  • Unique randomizing of missions allowing for unlimited playablity
  • Unique 'Welding' system of adding statics to vehicles, allowing limited player created 'Battle Vehicles'
  • Nuclear, chemical, and biological effects (and potential after effects)
  • Player reputation with towns and AI
  • Random Weather effects, reflecting impact of Nuclear impact on the environment
  • Player opportunity to become a 'Warlord' or 'Raider Captain'
  • A stable base for a Persistant World allowing players to logon, play, save or store their items, and return

Review our Activity Page for our present status, and look for TAW_Tonic's 'Wasteland' in Arma 2 Multiplayer Network Games on the Internet.

(Be advsied - these are ideas, not guaranteed - as with any project, wanting to get something implemented is not the same as implementing it).

As the clock ticks down for Arma 3, it is hoped that tested ideas will transfer smoothely, and that some new scripting opportunities may be allowed with the udated engine.

If you like this project and the official server hosting the Wasteland project and want to donate you can donate via paypal to
Please note donations are not required, this is you wanting supporting a project so do not feel in any way you need to donate unless you really want too, this is a non-profit project.

Thanks - whiskey (mawendt)