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Benny, 07/12/2010 07:35

Warfare - Benny Edition


Decreasing/Increasing the players slots

- In order to decrease or increase the player slots, there is a few steps to do:

  1. In the editor, remove or add slots with the corresponding name (WestSlot17 after WestSlot16), note that the slots shall always be the same on each side (WestSlot17 & EastSlot17 = OK, WestSlot17 & EastSlot 20 = NOT OK).
  2. in initJIPCompatible.sqf, add or remove the slots that you've added previously in eastTeams / westTeams and in eastSlotNames / westSlotNames.
  3. in Rsc\Header.hpp, edit the maximum amount of players possible in maxPlayers.

Changing the mission name

- In order to change the mission name:

  1. In mission.sqm, change briefingName
  2. In version.sqf change WF_MISSIONNAME

Changing the mission from Vanilla to Arrowhead or vice versa

- In order to change the mission content:

  1. In version.sqf comment out VANILLA and comment in ARROWHEAD to play over Vanilla mode or comment out ARROWHEAD and comment in VANILLA to play over Arrowhead mode.

Running in Debug mode

- In order to run the mission in debug mode:

  1. In version.sqf comment out WF_DEBUG and reload the mission, you'll be able to teleport over the map and you'll be in god mode.



- Artillery can only be used with your own squad members, you have to assign your squad members as gunner of the desired artillery vehicle, Artillery can be called in Options >> Commanding Menu >> Special Menu. Your team need a Command Center in order to be able to use the artillery calls, the artillery can be disabled in the parameters.

Build Menu

- The build menu is available to all players on different levels, while the commander can use both the repair truck and the HeadQuarters menu, the other players can only use the repair truck. The build menu has several hotkeys like:

  1. Ctrl + L = Preview last defense built.
  2. Ctrl + M = Toggle on/off the Defense Auto-manning feature.
  3. Ctrl + K = (Commander Only) Sell defenses.

Buying Units

- Players and AI Leaders can both purchase units at different factories, by default, you have to be near a factory in order to use it, the Command Center will extend the purchase range, units can be queued but keep in mind that if the factory is destroyed then the units queu will be canceled.


- The commander has the key role of the team, he's the one who build the base and lead the army, he can give different orders/tasks, set the AI Buy types or their respawn location, sell buildings, from Options >> Commanding Menu >> Team Orders. A commander is automatically elected at the beginning of the round, you can also vote for another one at any time via Options >> Commander Vote. The commander need to upgrade different technologies from the Tech Tree to unlock some new vehicles or features (Options >> Commanding Menu >> Upgrade Menu).

Gear Menu

- The Gear Menu is used to equip yourself or your AI's, it's possible to save/load custom templates. This menu has several hotkeys like:

  1. Ctrl + A = Swap to the 'All' Filter.
  2. Ctrl + T = Swap to the 'Template' Filter.
  3. Ctrl + P = Swap to the 'Primary' Filter.
  4. Ctrl + S = Swap to the 'Sidearm' Filter.
  5. Ctrl + L = Swap to the 'Secondary' Filter.
  6. Ctrl + P = Swap to the 'Misc' Filter.

Repair Truck

- The repair truck is used to perform re-supply operation over the team, it can be used to repair owned or non-owned vehicle, it behave like a service point which allows Repair/Rearm/Refuel/Heal via the menu (Options >> Commanding Menu >> Support Menu), whenever a repair or another option is performed, you need to wait a few moments before being able to use the same action again. The repair truck can be used to Repair the Mobile HQ aswell.


- It's possible to respawn at different locations:

  1. Base Respawn: By default, it's possible to respawn at every base buildings (Note that you can't respawn at HQ if it's destroyed).
  2. Camp Respawn: Whenever a camp is captured in a town, you can select to respawn there, you won't be able to respawn there if the town is enemy and if one of those enemy is near this camp.
  3. MASH Respawn: The Officer (Slot 11) can deploy a MASH in order to create a respawn point, the team members will be able to respawn there as long as they've died nearby.
  4. Mobile Respawn: Mobile respawn can either be ambulances or others vehicles, it's possible to respawn there as long as it's alive.



- AI: Group Size (AI Teams)

Define how many units will AI Teams Leader be able to have in their squads.

- AI: Group Size (Player)

Define how many units will Players be able to have in their squads.

- AI: Keep units on JIP

Decide whether units shall be kept over Join in Progress or not.

- AI: Teams

Decide whether AI Teams Leader shall be operational or not.


- Artillery: Calls

Decide whether Artillery Calls (Special Menu) is enabled or not.

- Artillery: Interface

Decide whether Artillery Interface is enabled on Artillery units or not.

- Artillery: Range

Define the Artillery firing range.


- Base: AI Commander

Decide whether AI Commander shall be enabled or not.

- Base: Allies

Decide whether Allies base shall be spawned at start or not.

- Base: Anti-Air Radar

Decide whether Anti-air radar shall be enabled or not, this will spot enemy air units above x meters.

- Base: Areas Limit

Decide whether bases shall be restricted to x areas or not.

- Base: Areas Limit Max.

Define the amount of possible base areas.

- Base: Auto Defenses

Decide whether defenses shall be automatically manned in range of a barrack or not.

- Base: Buildings Limit

Define the maximum buildings limit per type (Service Points = Limit * 2).

- Base: HQ Deployment Cost

Define the HQ Deployment cost.

- Base: Start Near towns

Decide whether East or West shall use spawn points near towns (spawn points further than 2km of a town range won't be used).

- Base: Starting Distance

Define the minimal distance between East and West spawn points.

- Base: Starting Locations

Define a special spawn scenario (West north | East south...).


- Economy: Income System

Decide whether the income shall be full or half.

- Economy: Starting Funds

Define the starting funds.

- Economy: Starting Supply

Define the starting supply.

- Economy: Supply System

Decide whether the game shall be using Supply Trucks or a Time-based supply system.


- Environment: Fast Time

Decide whether the game shall be running fast or not (Day-Night cycle within 4 hours).

- Environment: Time of Day

Define the starting Time of Day.

- Environment: Weather

Decide whether weather shall be enabled or not.


- Gameplay: Airport Hangars

Decide whether Airport hangars shall be available or not.

- Gameplay: Balancing

Decide whether the game shall use a balance system or not.

- Gameplay: Bodies deletion Delay

Define the amount of time required to delete an object (units/vehicles) after it's death.

- Gameplay: Empty Vehicles Lifespan

Define the amount of time that a vehicle can remain alive before being destroyed.

- Gameplay: Fast Travel

Decide whether fast travel from town/base to town/base shall be available or not.

- Gameplay: Friendly Fire (Buildings)

Decide whether base buildings shall be sensitive to friendly fire or not.

- Gameplay: Grass Distance

Define the Maximum Grass clutter distance.

- Gameplay: Kick Teamswappers

Decide whether teamswappers shall be kicked or not.

- Gameplay: Limited Boundaries

Decide whether the players can go outside of the map borders or not.

- Gameplay: Show Player UID

Decide whether player UID shall be shown upon Teamswap / Base Teamkills.

- Gameplay: Spacebar Scanning

Decide whether spacebar identification shall be available or not.

- Gameplay: Track AI on Map

Decide whether AI purchased units shall be displayed on map (Beside your owns).

- Gameplay: Track Players on Map

Decide whether AI Team leaders or Players shall be displayed on map.

- Gameplay: Upgrades

Decide whether upgrades shall be enabled or not.

- Gameplay: Victory Condition

Define the victory condition (Assassination = HQ Killed / All Towns, Annihilation = Total destruction, Supremacy = All factories destroyed / All Towns).

- Gameplay: View Distance

Define the maximum player view distance.


- Module: High Command

Decide whether High Command module shall be available or not for commanders.

- Module: ICBM

Decide whether Nuke shall be available or not.

- Module: Injury System (ISIS)

Decide whether the Injury System shall be available or not.

- Module: Volumetric Clouds

Decide whether the Volumetric clouds shall be available or not.


- Respawn: Camps

Decide whether camp respawn shall be eanbled or not.

- Respawn: Camps Rule

Decide if someone is able to respawn after being killed near a camp while an enemy was near or not.

- Respawn: Delay

Define the respawn delay.

- Respawn: Gear Remains

Decide whether the player shall keep it's loadout after respawning or not.

- Respawn: MASH

Decide whether MASH Respawn / Deployment shall be available.

- Respawn: Mobile

Decide whether mobile respawn shall be enabled or not (Ambulance).

- Respawn: Towns Range

Define the range needed to respawn in a friendly town.

- Restriction: Advanced Aircraft

Decide whether Advanced aircraft shall be enabled or not.

- Restriction: Camp Gear

Decide whether some gear shall be restricted or not in camps.

- Restriction: Kamov

Decide whether Kamov shall be available or not.


- Towns: Amount

Define the towns amount.

- Towns: Assault Teams

Decide whether Assault Teams shall be enabled or not (They'll attack both east and west bases, they spawn in resistance towns).

- Towns: Assault Teams Max.

Define the maximum amount of Assault Teams to be spawned.

- Towns: Occupation

Decide whether east or west town shall be defended or not.

- Towns: Occupation Difficulty

Define the difficulty of the occupation forces spawned in towns (Also affect the amount).

- Towns: Occupation Reinforcements

Decide whether occupied towns shall be reinforced or not.

- Towns: Patrols

Decide whether resistance patrols shall be spawned or not (patrols will spawn in resistance towns and patrol from town to town).

- Towns: Patrols Max.

Define the maximum amount of resistance patrols.

- Towns: Protection Range

Define the range in which HQ cannot be deployed from the depot.

- Towns: Purchase Militia

Decide whether Militia units shall be available to purchase in depots or not.

- Towns: Resistance

Define whether resistance shall be available in towns or not.

- Towns: Resistance Difficulty

Define the difficulty of the resistance forces spawned in towns (Also affect the amount).

- Towns: Resistance Reinforcements

Decide whether resistance towns shall be reinforced or not.

- Towns: Starting Mode

Define the town starting mode, it can either be normal, splitted or nearby.