Vietnam: The Experience (VTE) is the most comprehensive and detailed Vietnam mod for OFP, ArmA and ArmA 2.

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Manager: SnakeMan
Developer: killswitch, ocnfox

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Vietnam: The Experience v1.5.25 has been released!
Config upgrade on top of v1.5 full install.
Added by SnakeMan almost 4 years ago

Vietnam: The Experience v1.5 has been released!
Vietnam: The Experience v1.5 for ArmA 2 has been released! Huge number of changes since previous version, much improved and optimized.
Added by SnakeMan about 4 years ago

Vietnam: The Experience v1.5 Private Testing (1 comment)
Development of Vietnam: The Experience v1.5 and its private testing is underway. If you want to help please join up.
Added by SnakeMan over 4 years ago

Vietnam: The Experience v1.4 has been released!
v1.4 was released with too many changes/fixes to list here
Added by SnakeMan over 5 years ago

Vietnam: The Experience v1.3.10 has been released!
New v1.3.10 has been released today with nice bug fixes and new soldier models + textures added.
Added by SnakeMan almost 6 years ago

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