The goal of the mission is to capture and hold the controlpoints, marked on map.
To capture a controlpoint, you have to enter the black-shaded zone and stay here for some time

Your team instantly receives some points, when a controlpoint is captured
Every 15 sec a captured controlpoint awards additional points to your team
When the round is over, all captured controlpoints award some bonus points to your team.
A team that has earned more points per round - wins."

Incomes system

There is an opportunity to purchase additional vehicles and ammunition in game, using funds.
There are several ways to get funds:

  1. Periodic income. Every 60 sec you receive some funds.
  2. Enemies elimination. Every eliminated enemy awards you some funds.
  3. Capturing controlpoints. When your team captures a controlpoint, all friendly players, located in black-shaded zone, receive substantial award.

Income value depends on number of controlpoints being captured by your team at the moment. The more control points captured - means the less income value.
Destroyed enemy vehicles awards some percent of their original cost.
All friendly players, located at the controlpoint, but not in black-shaded zone receive less award.

Store system

You may buy additional ammunition and vehicles at the store. Ammunition purchasing is available

  1. At the main base
  2. Near mobile HQ
  3. Near ammocrates on the controlpoints
  4. Near Ammunition trucks

When you are able to purchase ammunition, the rifle sign appears on the indication panel on the right side of screen.
Vehicle purchasing is available only at the main base.
When you are able to buy vehicles, the tank sign appears on the indication panel on the right side of screen.
Store is accessible using action menu.

Respawn system

Every controlpoint, captured by your team, may be used for respawn. In the respawn dialog all the available spawnpoints are marked with yellow circles.
You may select any available spawnpoint clicking it with mouse-left.
You may move the map in the respawn dialog, holding mouse-right. You may change map scale in the respawn dialog, using mouse-scroll.
Also you may choose a mobile HQ as the respawn point.

You may spawn on MHQ if :

  1. MHQ has not moved for the last 30 sec
  2. MHQ is not in water
  3. MHQ is not being transported by air
  4. MHQ is not destroyed",

Restricted actions

You are not allowed to:

  • Open fire into the friendly safezone.
    East and West safezones marked on the map with Red and Blue semi-transparent circles.
    If you try to open fire into the safezone, you will receive a warning.
    After you have 3 warnings, you will be killed yourself.
  • Attack enemy safezone.
    If you try to attack the enemy safezone, you will receive a warning.
    All the enemies will see you on the map for the next 30 sec.
  • Enter enemy safezone.
    If you approach enemy safezone, you will receive a warning, and all the enemies will see you on the map for the next 30 sec.
    If you try to enter enemy safezone, you will be destroyed.
    NOTE: This doesnt not apply to helicopters and planes flying above 450M.
  • Place satchels inside controlpoints capture-zones (black-shaded areas).
    If you try to do this, you will receive a warning, and your satchel will be deleted.

Vehicles information

All the vehicles, purchased by players, has their owners. Owner may:

  1. Lock and Unlock the vehicle (Action menu)
  2. Push all the crew out of his vehicle (Action menu).

To decrease server resources requests, all the vehicles are deleted in 20 min since they had been used by players last time.
Destroyed vehicles are irrevocably lost.

Vehicles servicing

You may repair, reammo and refuel vehicles at the main base and near Repair trucks.
In case of emergency you may cary out field repairs trying to resolve any important systems of the vehicle.
To cary out a field repairs you need a repair kit.
By default every vehicle has some repair kits inside. Repair kits reloaded to the vehicle every time when vehicle gets a high-grade technical service, e.g. at the main base or near repair truck.
All kinds of technical service are accessible in action menu.

Main menu: Options

Options section in Main menu allows you to:

  1. Adjust view distance
  2. Ajdust screen markers distance
  3. Adjust screen markers type: by default only team-members are marked on screen. This parameter may be changed before mission starts.
  4. Adjust map markers type
  5. Adjust GUI Style
  6. Setup gear autosave mode
  7. Flip overturned vehicles
  8. Transfer funds to friendly players

Main menu: Groups

Groups section in Main menu allows players to create and join groups.
By default players of your group are marked on the screen with blue dots and green arrows on the map.


Some types of armored vehicles have anti-ATGM defense systems. Such systems activate automatically when the tank is attacked by enemy ATGM.
System also can be activated manually from vehicle commander`s place.
To launch smokes commander should press 'R' button. Number of smoke charges is limited, and being restored when the tank gets technical service.
All the aircraft types have flare countermeasures for AA defense purpose. Flares are launched automatically when the aircraft us under AA attack.
Flares are restored when the aircraft gets technical service.
Cargo choppers may transport vehicles using cargorope.
Chopper pilot must be very accurate not to brake the rope, when a vehicle is transported.

  • If you come close to an enemy infantryman, you will be able to kill him with knife (action menu).
  • You may heal injured teammates (action menu)
  • if you come close to an enemy tank, you will be able to throw a grenade inside (action menu). The tank will have very little damage, but all the crew will be destroyed.
  • if you come close to an enemy tank, you will be able to attach explosives to it if you got some. (action menu). The tank will have very little damage, but all the crew will be destroyed.

If you see a player ready to shoot from a rocket-launcher you better not to stand behind him or you may be hit by backblast.

  1. [Home] - rifle-grenade launcher sight distance increase
  2. [End] - rifle-grenade launcher sight distance decrease
  3. [1] - select primary weapon
  4. [2] - select rifle-grenadelauncher
  5. [3] - select secondary weapon
  6. [4] - select pistol
  7. [5] - select hand grenade
  8. [~] - switch off engin

UAV - General info

There is an opportunity of using UAV to perform air reconnaissance in the game.
To control a UAV player needs the UAV itself and mobile control terminal, which allows to perform control and transportation of the UAV.

  1. Enter - take off / landing
  2. ESC - exit control mode
  3. A/D - change flight direction
  4. W/S - change altitude
  5. R/F - change speed
  6. G - switch laser designator
  7. Ctrl+Space - move to current screen center and stay there
  8. Shift+Space - stay at the current position
  9. Space - spot an enemy target

Notice that UAVs are AI-controlled, so don't expect them to perform player control commands immediately.