Required parameters:

1 //  unit        = Leader of squad (1st argument)
2 //  markername  = Name of marker that covers the active area. (2nd argument)

Optional parameters:

 1 //  random      = Place unit at random start position.
 2 //  randomdn    = Only use random positions on ground level.
 3 //  randomup    = Only use random positions at top building positions. 
 4 //  min:n/max:n = Create a random number (between min and max) of 'clones'. (usage: "min:",2,"max:",5)
 5 //  init:string = Custom init string for created clones.
 6 //  nomove      = Unit will stay at start position until enemy is spotted, then they get a defensive role. 
 7 //  nofollow    = Unit will only follow an enemy within the marker area.
 8 //  delete:n    = Delete dead units after 'n' seconds. (usage: "delete:",300)
 9 //  nowait      = Do not wait at patrol end points.
10 //  noslow      = Keep default behaviour of unit (don't change to "safe" and "limited").
12 //  noai        = Don't use enhanced AI for evasive and flanking maneuvers.
13 //  showmarker  = Display the area marker.
14 //  trigger     = Display a message when no more units are left in sector.
15 //  empty:n     = Consider area empty, even if 'n' units are left.
16 //  track       = Display a position and destination marker for each unit.
17 //  fortify     = makes leader order to take positions on nearly buildings at distance 200 meters, squad fortified moves less than "nomove".
18 //  spawned     = use only with squads created in runtime, this feature will add squad to UPSMON correctly.
19 //  nowp        = No waypoints will be created for this squad UNTIL ENEMY DETECTED, will share enemies but will not be moved by UPSMON until enemy detected.
20 //  nowp2       = No waypoints will be created for this squad UNTIL ENEMY DETECTED and damaged, will share enemies but will not be moved by UPSMON until enemy detected and damaged.
21 //  nowp3       = No waypoints will be created for this squad in any way, this squad will comunicate enemies but will not be moved by UPSMON.
23 //  ambush      = Ambush squad will not move until in combat, will wait for incoming enemies stealth and ambush when near or discovered.
24 //  ambush2     = Ambush squad will not move until in combat, will NOT LAY MINES and wait for incoming enemies stealth and ambush when near or discovered.
25 //  ambush:n    = Creates an ambush and wait maximun the especified time n in seconds. You can put 0 seconds for putting mines and go away.
26 //  ambush2:n   = Same as ambush:n but without laying mines.
27 //  respawn     = allow squad to respawn when all members are dead and no targets near.
28 //  respawn:x   = allows to define the number of times squad may respawn.
29 //  nosmoke     = the group will not use the smoke at all.
30 //  onroad      = targetpos will be generated only on roads (unless unit in fight).
31 //  noveh       = the group will not search for vehicles (untill in fight and only for combat vehicles).
32 //  aware,combat,stealth,careless = defines initial and default behaviour of squad.
34 //  reinforcement = Makes squad as reinforcement, when alarm KRON_UPS_reinforcement==true this squad will go where enemy were.
35 //  reinforcement:x = Makes squad as reinforcement id, when alarm KRON_UPS_reinforcementx==true this squad will go where enemy were.


  • Patrol squad samples:
    1     nul=[this,"town"] execVM "scripts\upsmon.sqf";
    2     nul=[this,"town","random","delete:",300] execVM "scripts\upsmon.sqf";
  • Defensive squad samples:
    1     nul=[this,"town","nomove"] execVM "scripts\upsmon.sqf";
    2     nul=[this,"town","nomove","delete:",300] execVM "scripts\upsmon.sqf";
  • Ultra defensive squad sample:
    1     nul=[this,"town","fortify"] execVM "scripts\upsmon.sqf";
    2     nul=[this,"town","nomove","delete:",300,"fortify"] execVM "scripts\upsmon.sqf";
  • Ambush sample:
    1     nul=[this,"town","nomove","delete:",300,"ambush"] execVM "scripts\upsmon.sqf";
    2     nul=[this,"town","nomove","delete:",300,"ambush:",3000] execVM "scripts\upsmon.sqf";

    First waits until can do ambush or discovered.
    Second sample waits until ambush done or discovered or 3000 seconds past.
  • Reinforcement sample:
    1     nul=[this,"town","nomove","delete:",300,"reinforcement"] execVM "scripts\upsmon.sqf";

    This will create a general reinforcement squad, when you need put in trigger KRON_UPSMON_reinforcement=TRUE; this squad will activate all respawn groups.
    If you want to reinforce only with some squads, you need to set them with the same id:
    1     nul=[this,"town","nomove","delete:",300,"reinforcement:",1] execVM "scripts\upsmon.sqf";
    2     nul=[this,"town","nomove","delete:",300,"reinforcement:",1] execVM "scripts\upsmon.sqf";
    3     nul=[this,"town","nomove","delete:",300,"reinforcement:",2] execVM "scripts\upsmon.sqf";

    To activate squads of id 1 you must put this on trigger KRON_UPSMON_reinforcement1=TRUE; squads with reinforcement id 1 will activate.
  • Reinforcement sample to specific destination:
    1     nul=[this,"town","nomove","delete:",300,"reinforcement:",1] execVM "scripts\upsmon.sqf";
    2     nul=[this,"town","nomove","delete:",300,"reinforcement:",2] execVM "scripts\upsmon.sqf";

    To send reinforcement to especific position set variables for each group:
    1     KRON_UPSMON_reinforcement1=true;
    2     KRON_UPSMON_reinforcement1_pos=[0,0,0];
    3     KRON_UPSMON_reinforcement2=true;
    4     KRON_UPSMON_reinforcement2_pos=position player;
  • Respawn sample:
    1     nul=[this,"town","nomove","delete:",300,"respawn"] execVM "scripts\upsmon.sqf";
    2     nul=[this,"town","nomove","delete:",300,"respawn:",5] execVM "scripts\upsmon.sqf";

    First will respawn indefinitely until side surrender or enemies too close of respawn position, respawn position is initial position.
    Second sample only will respawn a maximus of 5 times.