scripts (all scripts listed can be downloaded in Files section)

AI Recruitment

Simply recruit AI soldiers using a dialog. The script handles deletion of AI in case it dies or you disconnect. See BI Forum


Randomly placed IEDs on the map.


Lets you call in an AI controlled bomber using the laser designator.

Loadout Presets

Define your own presets and access and use them via a straightforward dialog.

Settings Dialog

Simple Dialog that makes you able to adjust viewdistance via a slider and terrain grid via labeled buttons, see BI Forum

Supplydrop Management

A dedicated Supplydrop Manager (in TFOR: the commander) can grant or deny supply drop requests by any other player. A supply drop can be of any object type, will be dropped by a C130 once granted.


Simple Bohemia UAV module modified in a way that: a UAV is created for each player and handled locally. In case the player disconnects, UAV gets deleted and cleaned up. In case the UAV crashes (who doesn't know that), it gets recreated and reinitialized. Furthermore the UAV circles in a radius of 2000m of the given position using 8 waypoints instead of 4.