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Bon, 02/14/2012 11:54


How to add ACE equipment to a mission edition in 3 essential steps (for absolute beginners).

1. Add ACE equipment

Enclosed in the downloadable archive you will find all missions also unpacked. Choose the one you want to add ACE equipment to, and extract it (to a location of your choice). Change into the just extracted mission folder and open the file named config.sqf.

At the pretty beginning you will see the following line:

tfor_ACE = false;   // add ACE2 equipment

Change it so it becomes
tfor_ACE = true;   // add ACE2 equipment

then save and close the file.

2. Add ACE Wounds as alternative Injury System to mission parameters

Open the file description.ext. At its top you will see this line:

//#def tfor_ACE 1

Remove the leading slashes so it looks like this:

#def tfor_ACE 1

3. Load the mission into the ingame editor

Put the mission folder in your directory
Documents\ArmA2\<Profile Name>\missions,
Documents\ArmA2 Other Profiles\<Profile Name>\missions.

Start the ingame editor (Singleplayer -> Editor) and load the mission into it.

4. Change mission name, add ACE dependency

When in the editor, open the "Mission Info Box" (top right corner, where it shows you date, time, mission name etc.). Edit the mission name, to something like ACE COOP 20 TFOR v1.06. In other words, add an ACE prefix to the mission name.

Now press F7, then doubleclick somewhere on the map. In the opened dialog, choose "Require ACE" from the Unit dropbox and press OK.

5. Add ACE vehicles to the config.sqf (OPTIONAL)

Open the config.sqf script and check the lines

tfor_east_armor = ...;
tfor_east_apc = ...;
tfor_east_aa = ...;
tfor_east_car = ...;
tfor_east_air = ...;
tfor_east_support = ;

tfor_west_armor = ...;
tfor_west_apc = ...;
tfor_west_aa = ...;
tfor_west_car = ...;
tfor_west_air = ...;
tfor_west_support = ...;

Depending on whether your team is east or west, these lists define what vehicles the enemy uses and what vehicles you can construct using the construction interface. For ACE vehicle class names, consult the ACE wiki: http://ace.dev-heaven.net/documentation

Export your work

Save your mission by clicking on "Save" on the right-hand side of the editor screen and choosing "Export to Multiplayer" from the dropbox.
Your mission will be saved as a .pbo file to C:\<your ArmA2 OA installation>\MPMissions. Would be a good idea to change the name of this file, but basically, you are done here.