Swedish Army Mod, mostly known short as SAM, is a completely free modification-project for the military simulator ArmA2. The goal is to add a modern and realistic vision of the Swedish military into the game, giving you the possibility to simulate all kinds of scenarios with friends or by yourself through the the games powerful mission-editor. Much focus is put on functionality and details, in order to “force” players into using given equipment as realistically as possible.
SAM is also dependent on the huge popular modification Advanced Combat Environment (ACE2), which provides a lot of useful mechanics and interfaces to push the functionality and realism of our content to the highest possible level that the current game-engine allows.

The team behind this project is a small group of dedicated people with different areas of digital expertise and real life military experience. Currently we are 5 developers who spends a lot of our free time into making this happen, slowly but surely ;) You can contact any of us by PM through our forums (Requires registration).

• Tobe – Projectleader, 3d-artist, texturer, animator, media, perfectionist.
• Nordin – Scripter, implementor, animator, reference, general warface.
• Stiltman – Scripter, implementor, animator, eastereggs.
• Zsalheden – 3d-artist, texturer, forum-saboteur.
• Matte54 – 3d-artist, webmaster, media, emo-rage.

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Manager: fn87, Stiltman, Tobe
Developer: fn87, Stiltman, Tobe