v0.4.0 released

Added by Spooner over 8 years ago

Extended default view ranges and removed several problems with getting a good LOS.


  • Default maximum range to identify vehicles increased to 3m (was 1m).
  • Recognition of infantry always takes precedence over vehicles, buildings and objects, so that you can now see someone even behind a vehicle or building that you can't see.


  • No longer automatically detects alliances, so ALLIES recognition now acts the same as SIDE (temporarily disabled until better solution found).


  • Helipads, ammo-boxes and dropped equipment completely block LOS, to a vastly greater degree than the model implies [Reported by ATOW players].
  • When standing next to a vehicle, even when not looking directly at it, you will "recognise" that vehicle rather than any other vehicle or infantry you are looking at.
  • Helicopters are detected in a massively larger area than the actual body of them (that is, the "LOS" hitbox is based on the size of the rotors, not the size of the actual helicopter). This error is also found with other vehicles to a lesser extent.

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