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Spooner, 03/09/2009 22:53
Added installation page

SPON Map Manual


Map that allows players to make freehand drawings, place markers in a more intuitive way and several more innovations. The choice of exactly who to send this information to is greatly extended from the "vanilla" ArmA options (i.e. direct/vehicle/group/side/global).

Requires that the SPON Core be installed in the mission (v0.5.3 or higher). Both SPON Map and SPON Core are available in two versions: One is a client-side addon and the other is mission-script-based, which does not require any addons to be installed on client or server. Both require ArmA 1.14 or higher and XEH addon.

All SPON components are © 2007-9 Bil Bas, a.k.a. Spooner (spooner at dev-heaven dot net).

All SPON components come under the GNU Lesser General Public License, LGPL v3. Third party items included within SPON releases may or may not be covered by the same license, so you should check those individually.


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