Alternate map dialog is opened and closed via pressing <VehicleTurbo>+<ShowMap> (<LeftShift>+M by default).

Modes of operation

11 modes of operation are available (Select radio button or press <Ctrl>+<F1>-<F11>):

Measure mode

By holding down the <LeftMouseButton> and dragging it, measure the distance and azimuth of the line traced.

Query mode

By hovering over an existing line/marker, drawn by anyone, you can see information about it:

  • When it was originally sent.
  • Who originally placed the item.
  • What target individual or group it was originally sent to.
  • For markers only, you can see its full descriptive name (for lines, rectangles and ellipses it just tells you that it is a "Drawing").

Grid mode

Three overlays for measuring accurate grid references.

Marker mode (Place icons)

  • Pick marker from combo-box which includes icons (no more using up/down to find a specific marker from a list of dozens or hundreds that are installed!).
  • Marker icons can be filtered by typing in a search string pattern.
  • When placing markers, hold <LeftShift> and drag the mouse to make them larger or smaller (50-150% of default marker size). Hold <Alt> while dragging to rotate the marker.
  • Choose from six standard colours (black, white, green, red, yellow, blue) or use the default colour for the specific marker.
  • Anyone receiving a marker will get a chat message telling them who sent what marker, its coordinates and any message associated with it.
  • If you receive an unrecognised marker, you are told, via chat, the class name of the marker and who actually sent it (in vanilla ArmA, you get an intrusive modal dialog with just the marker class name). Since the unrecognised marker cannot be displayed, you will see a question-mark marker placed on the map in the requested position with the requested colour.

Pencil mode

Drawing freehand lines. Hold <LeftMouseButton> and drag to draw a line. Releasing the button will send the line, but pressing <Escape> cancels it.

Pen mode

Drawing straight lines. Click <LeftMouseButton> to draw each line segment. Click <RightMouseButton> to send the line, but press <Escape> to cancel a partial line.

Ellipse mode

Drawing ellipses (frames, not filled). Hold <LeftShift> to draw a circle, <Alt> to rotate.

Rectangle mode

Drawing rectangles (frames, not filled). Hold <LeftShift> to draw a square, <Alt> to rotate.

IM Mode

Send text messages to other players.

Log mode

See a complete chronological list of markers and drawings received and sent, any of which can be centred or deleted. In this mode, you can also click on any marker or drawing on the map to find it in the log.

Notepad mode

A dynamic notepad, which can have pages added, modified and removed at any time.

  • SPON Map automatically adds GMJ SightAdjustment rangecards to the SPON Map notepad.

Targets for data

Target information to a variety of player groupings or channels (Select radio button or press F1-12):
  • Self (F1) - For personal notes; the only mode available in single-player.
  • Tell (F2)- Any specific allied player, except oneself.
  • Direct (F3)- All nearby people.
  • Vehicle (F4)- Any allied vehicle with players in it.
  • Group (F5)- Any allied group containing players, including own if there are other players in it).
  • Side (F6).
  • Alliance (F7) - Own side and any configured as being allied to it; this will only be available if an alliance is defined in the mission.
  • Friendly (F8) - Alliance + civilians.
  • Global (F9).
  • Command (F10) - All allied group leaders.
  • Medical (F11) - All allied medics.
  • Channels (F12)- User-defined channels, currently only created by mission-based function calls. They only reach across an alliance. Each has a unique name (string) and everyone subscribed to that channel will get messages directed at it.


Choose from six semi-transparent colours (black, red, green, blue, yellow or white). Alternatively, when placing marker icons, automatically use the configured default colour for that particular marker.


Player can delete a marker/line by pressing <Delete> while hovering over it, just like on the normal map.

Replacement of the standard (BIS) map

Can either replace the standard map entirely or co-exist with it.