Mission types

  • SP and SP teamswitch: No, due to SP-specific issues, but there is no point using SPON Map in SP.
  • MP Teamswitch: Mostly (specifically, Medical channel assumes you don't change to and from being a medic, but Map does remember your "real" name even if you change characters in-game).
  • MP: Yes.
  • MP JIP: Yes, but you don't get updated with already placed markers, but then, that is no worse than vanilla ArmA behaviour ;P.

Addons and Scripts

  • Not compatible with any other script or addon that detects key-presses (unless it uses SPON Core or Shole DEH key-press handler, of course).
  • Fails if SPON Map v0.5.x is run as an addon at the same time as SPON Map v0.6.x is run from the mission. If v0.6.x is run from addon and mission, then the addon version will always be the one run (and run correctly).


  • Warfare (Not sure about newer versions of Warfare. Versions compatible with ACE are probably OK):
    • "View Map" action is not visible when on foot (i.e. only available in a vehicle). [Mission deletes constant actions rather that storing them in a variable!]
    • SPON key-handling disabled by the mission, so can't open SPON map that way.
    • No specific targets appear in tell/group or vehicle [No idea why].
  • Evolution: OK.
  • Others: Probably OK.


The things that could fail on a map that SPON Map isn't compatible with, would be corrupted Grid mode and/or bad GPS coordinates given; otherwise it would work fine.

  • Sahrani, South Sahrani (saralite), Rahmadi: OK.
  • Isla Barbuda, Avgani: OK.
  • Maps with 6-digit GPS: OK.
  • Others: Probably OK, but please tell me if you find one that isn't!