SPON HoloMap Manual


HoloMap creates a 3D holographic representation of the game world, showing friendly (blue) and non-friendly (red) vehicles, as well as missiles fired, as blips. Alternatively, using the @DBO_miniatures addon (included), show vehicles using scale models!


This SPON component requires the SPON Core library component. Both this component and SPON Core are available in two versions:

  • Addon - May be loaded on any client and requires the Extended Eventhandlers (XEH) addon. The addon being on the server won't have any effect (no scripts will run there).
  • Mission-script - Does not require any addons to be installed on client or server.

Both versions require at least ArmA 1.14.


All SPON components are © 2007-9 Bil Bas, a.k.a. Spooner (spooner at dev-heaven dot net).

All SPON components come under the GNU Lesser General Public License, LGPL v3. Third party items included within SPON releases may or may not be covered by the same license, so you should check those individually.