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Spooner, 04/28/2009 03:02
Added discussion regarding reinforcements


One idea I had was to reduce the scope of the game somewhat and alter the way that heroes work entirely (by removing them and using the hero choice screen for something else entirely).

Picking the size of your force

On hero page, before starting the game you choose from small (~50 pop), medium (~75 pop) or large (~100 pop) force sizes. This would be represented by having 1, 2 or 3 space marines shown rather than the hero. This makes it easier to handicap players if some are better than others or so you can get away with, for example, a 1v2 game when you only have 3 players available.

Picking the type of your force

After entering the game, you choose at your HQ from a number of options, which can be limited by individual map or game mode. This then immediately decides your entire force for the coming battle. The extreme specialisation of many of the forces means that players will need to rely on each other a lot more.

The force examples given below are for a medium sized force. A large or small force would be scaled appropriately. A team is 4 men and a squad is 8 men.

Line Infantry

  • 1 x tactical marine team
  • 1 x tactical marine team (with medic)
  • 1 x tactical marine team (missile launcher)
  • 1 x devastator (heavy bolter)

Mechanised Infantry

  • 1 x tactical marine team
  • 1 x tactical marine team (with medic)
  • 1 x tactical marine team (missile launcher)
  • 1 x Razorback APC

Assault Infantry

  • 2 x assault marine team
  • 1 x tactical marine team (flamer)


  • 2 x veteran marine teams (non-flying assault marines)
  • 1 x tactical marine team

Heavy Infantry

  • 1 x Predator Destructor IFV (auto-cannon)
  • 1 x tactical marine team
  • 1 x tactical marine team (missile launcher)


  • 1 x Scout sniper team
  • 2 x Scout infiltration team
  • 2 x Scout recruit squad


  • 2 x techmarines
  • 2 x tactical marine team


  • 1 x techmarines
  • 2 x tactical marine team
  • 1 x devastator (plasma cannon)


  • 2 x Predator Annihilator tank (las cannon)


  • 1 x Dreadnought
  • 1 x tactical marines

Terminator deep strike

  • 2 x terminator teams

Imperial Guard Infantry

The Imperial guard, being a relatively poorly trained conscript army, has its infantry units operating as full squads rather than as separate teams.

  • 1 x Stormtrooper squad
  • 1 x Conscript squad (with Commissar)
  • 2 x Conscript squad
  • 1 x Engineer team
  • 1 x Grenade launcher team


The problem with this is what exactly to do with the issue of reinforcement.

There are a number of reasonable options:

  • Reinforce and replace with the same units you started with.
  • Reinforce any unit that hasn't been destroyed.
  • Reinforce any unit, with every unit being able to be revived like a hero (is this even possible?).
  • No reinforcements at all. Although realistic this means that the combat would have to be massively changed in order to stop everyone getting butchered in the first 5 minutes of the battle!