End of War Manual


End of War is a multi-player, tactical game-play mod for Dawn of War 2. It is quite a departure from the regular skirmish gameplay, emphasising tactics over building.

The mod is in early alpha development and is in an extremely volatile state (I'm still in the process of learning config/scar and making critical design decisions).


  • Make the game more tactical. Units used well should always defeat a similar, or larger, force used badly.
  • Encourage real cooperation between the players.
  • Vastly reduce the importance of building and vastly increase the importance of tactics.
  • Greatly increase importance of infantry combat over vehicle combat.
  • Slightly increase importance of ranged over melee combat.
  • Use WH40K as inspiration, rather than as a dogmatic template for design.
  • Intended for use only in multi-player games, primarily for use in 3v3 battles or, possibly in the future, 5-player coop.


  • Focus on Space Marines initially, until the mod is playable. Then implement Imperial Guard, Eldar and possibly Orks factions later. Ignore Tyranids, etc., but consider using them for cooperative scenarios.
  • Build an object-oriented wrapper around the Relic SCAR API, in order to simplify scripting. This should be generic enough to be of use to any mod for DOW2.
  • Develop simple tools to aid in development.
  • Dynamically alter existing maps to create new game-play modes.
  • Use only configuration and scripting to redevelop the game. Game-play changes are massively more important to playability than new maps or models.



WARNING: Eldar, Tyranid and Ork factions are unchanged from DOW2 vanilla. Only play with Space Marines, otherwise everything will be completely broken and/or unbalanced.

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The SPON framework is released under the GNU General Public License v3.
The End of War mod is released under the GNU General Public License v3.

This does not extend to the work by other people than Spooner that is used within the mod.