General Plans

Some of these changes have already applied to the Space Marines faction but even those aren't absolute as the mod evolves.

  • Recruit squads with leaders already incorporated (e.g. marine sergeant).
  • Start all squads with appropriate weaponry and equipment, so there will be a lot more types of squad.
  • Requests units in small groups rather than individually.
  • Rather than have a cost per use of a power, give a specific number of "charges" like in the campaign (e.g. A marine squad having two uses of frag grenades).
  • Increase differentiation between the different leaders, by making them mainly about introducing the specialist squads.
  • Remove or seriously limit some of the super units (tier 3) such as Eldar Avatar.
  • Make it more difficult to bring in some of the larger units (tier 3), such as walkers and tanks. Make them more powerful in attack, but also more vulnerable in specific ways (such as weaken armour on tank rear).
  • Reduce the importance of leader units as combat units and increase their importance for secondary effects (e.g. suppression resistance or damage boost for nearby troops).
  • Limit the number of concurrent objectives in order to reduce whack-a-mole style play.
  • Reduce the ability for light and heavy vehicles to destroy terrain cover by just driving/walking into them.
  • Remove most tier requirements (essentially, give everything the tier 2 advances automatically and remove tier 3 advances).
  • Make powers and units that defeat cover more costly or otherwise limited (e.g. jump troops).
  • Vehicles much more fragile.
  • Make it harder to destroy cover and buildings with weapons. The battlefield shouldn't be naked by the end of an average battle.
  • Slow down healing rate, even when using the apothecary. Possibly make healing a limited use, rather than unlimited ability.
  • Remove ability to reinforce units or repair vehicles (except in exceptional circumstances, such as limited use special abilities).
  • Each player given a set requisition and power at the start of a match. Objectives would need to be completed before you run out of troops. The limiting factor will then be pop cap. The value of a location will be its real tactical value and its assigned objective value.
  • Weakened units and damaged vehicles can be retreated from the battle to slightly increase, say by 40% of initial cost, points to bring in new forces (if they die, then you get no points back).