Roller Manual


Roller is a community made software developed by Spooner to convert and process OFP and ArmA island files.

Its primary purpose is to convert OFP islands to ArmA for the ACE Island Pack, but it can also do some processing that could be useful to people making new ArmA islands.

Formats that can be imported

  • 4WVR WRP (OFP unbinarized)
  • 8WVR WRP (ArmA unbinarized)

Formats that can be exported

  • 8WVR WRP (ArmA unbinarized)
  • XYZ height data (text file), suitable for import into Visitor 3
  • Object data list (text file), suitable for import into Visitor 3
  • Mask texture (PNG)

Additional features

  • Generate satellite mask texture (customizable coloring based on terrain point height, definition of forest and urban areas, customizable texture size)
  • Replace forest block with customizable single objects (type, density, relative frequency)
  • Replace single objects with optional offset (1:n and n:1)
  • Reduce cell size for more height data points (useful if you want to add bumps), or increase cell size for less detail
  • Make terrain bumpy
  • Raise/lower sea level
  • Generate list of unique objects present in source file
  • Replace textures (1:n and n:1)
  • Set terrain point height at the edges (to avoid endless repeated terrain)
  • Processing summary


You need be able to use the command line or at least able to edit a batch file to tell the application what to do. There is no GUI available to access the application. The application can be called sequentially to perform a batch operation to process multiple files easily.

Note: If you want to convert other people's islands, please get their permission to do so first!



Roller copyright 2009 The Roller team and is released under the GNU General Public Licence, v3.


The Roller team


  • Windows executable built with rubyscript2exe by Erik Veenstra.
  • OFP to ArmA object mappings based on work by Snake Man and others.
  • Details of 4WVR and 8WVR file formats documented on the Biki by Mikero, Snake Man, Sy & T_D.


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