Patrol Ops is a dynamic, random mission series that is great for both Mass Public Play and Clan Tactical Gaming.

Missions are randomly dynamic, with enemy force strength scaled to match the number of players connected so as to challenge players appropriatly.

Vanila, ACE and ACRE are supported in a single mission PBO and will adapt the gameplay and equipment to match the servers settings.
Player Class types denote access to specific gear and vehicles to strengthen the realism.

A focus on co-operative team based gameplay is the principle of Patrol Ops

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Manager: eightysix
Developer: CptDavo, dash, eightysix
Tester: CptDavo, dash, eightysix

Latest news

Patrol Operations 3 In Dev
Patrol Operations 3 has kicked off development
Added by eightysix over 4 years ago

Patrol Ops 2.04 Released
A LOT of tweaks and fixes in this version. I hope you enjoy it. More maps will come in the next week.
Added by eightysix almost 5 years ago

Patrol Ops 2.03b Testing
Patrol Ops 2.03 will begin a full scale test on OCB servers with the latest updates to bugs, features and additional mission types.
Added by eightysix over 5 years ago

Patrol Ops 2 v02
Patrol Ops updated to v02
Added by eightysix over 5 years ago

Patrol Ops 2 v01
Patrol Ops updated to v01
Added by eightysix over 5 years ago

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